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  1. I have a 2010 Fusion SE w/a tiny little motor w/over $105k miles. This is the first car since the early 2000s that I've actually paid off. I'm getting a bug to get a new car and the Sport is the front runner in my mind. However, I may be able to swing a car in the near $50k price range. Not that I want to spend $50k on a car, but it is a possibility. The odd thing is, I compare every car I look at, regardless of price to the Sport. The local dealer has a few that have been on the lot for MONTHS and I believe I could get one for under $33k (not including taxes and fees). In looking at cars up to $50k, I guess I've got "blue blinders" on as nothing seems to stack up to the power/AWD/and accessories the Fusion Sport has. Am I indeed wearing blinders? what are some other vehicles that you nearly bought instead of the Sport? The other front runner is the Focus RS. Another beast completely and since I'm middle aged w/bad Achilles tendons, I'm not so sure I want to depend on a manual daily. Third choice is a gigantic quad cap F150 FX4. It is a huge departure, bigger gas guzzler, but man, it is so nice to have so much space in it!!! I'm all over the place. I'm in no real hurry to depart with a monthly sum of money, I just want to make sure I thoroughly check out everything in the sporty family sedan space, the Focus RS, and the truck. I've driven the FX4 and Fusion Sport, but not the Focus RS. any input is appreciated
  2. "Line-in" options on 2017 stereos?

    Thanks for the replies. Better to spend $44 on a BT transmitter than more than that a year on a subscription.
  3. beginning to think about replacing my 2010 Fusion SE w/the 2017 Fusion Sport. I have sat in an SE from this year, but forgot to see if there was a Line-In input. Does anyone know if there is a line-in? I have portable Sirius radios w/lifetime that I move from car to car, and would like to use this in any new car I get instead of paying for another subscription. I've tried searching here, google, and in pix of the cars but have come up w/no answers.
  4. sunroof "shade" handle breaking and brittle...

    If anyone cares, the handle issue was not under warranty. Get this, $275 to fix as they'd have to replace the entire panel. I guess I'll have to create some other handle on my own.
  5. A few weeks ago I noticed that the handle on the sunroof shade had changed shape. No longer was it indented to let my fingers fit in and close the thing, it had actually expanded in the hot sun and now only had a little area on all four sides where my fingernails could fit to close it. I pushed on it lightly, and about half of it crumbled in my hand. I took my car in for the throttle body recall yesterday, as well as another sunroof issue (it wouldn't close all the way due to the plastic not retracting when the glass approached the front). Well, the plastic handle is not under warranty, and they tell me it is $275 to replace as they have to replace the entire panel. Even for that it seems ridiculous, but I'm guessing they have to remove the interior ceiling liner to do it. regardless, have any of you had this issue, and if so, did you get it replaced?
  6. I took the car to the shop on 25 March. The "Fixed" the transmission. I failed to ask what they fixed, and I've not had a chance to read the repair order. It is sitting in my car waiting to be read, but work has been bonkers lately, and I just want to spend time w/my kids when I get home. When I get some spare time, I'll see what they did to the transmission. I've only gone the route where I encountered the issue once since the repair, and nothing happened, so I do believe the issue is over, for now.
  7. one more thing, what is the power-train warranty? we have the extended warranty to 100k miles, but is there a longer warranty than 36k miles?
  8. Roger that. I'll take it to the dealership on Monday. My little guy gets nervous on our way home. Thank you for the info.
  9. So, I have an issue that is so common now that my 5 year old asks me if my car is going to "get loud and not go" when I pick him up from preschool. I have a 20 mile drive (minimum 30 minutes) from work to his preschool. I turn the car off, collect him, get back into the car, and w/in 1/10th of a mile, get back on the freeway. This is where the problem happens, consistently. The car seems to shudder, revs high, slows down, revs drop, go back up, and then I am able to accelerate. I may not have the order nor all of the events captured correctly, but the car seems to have no power. I am not getting any lights on the dash during this. I mentioned this behavior last time I got an oil change and they said I'd have to make an appointment to get it looked at. I'm wondering if they'll just tell me that they cannot duplicate the issue. I plan on going to the dealership on my way home next week and having a technician go for a ride w/me. They did that for an HVAC squeak I was having months ago. There was a TSB on that issue. Oddly enough, the guy who went for a ride had hearing loss and was unable to hear the issue, but he believed me. Anyway, this isn't as easily reproduced (unless I get the tech to go to my son's preschool). Anyone else having this issue?
  10. Cheap Rattling Annoying Noise

    I've been living with a rattle for over a year in my 2010 SE. It was odd because for the first year, it only occurred when I would brake. Just last week it got worse and I then realize that it is a fan in the HVAC system in the dash. I'll be getting it to the dealership. I'm glad I passed on the $60 brake inspection during my last oil change. I HATE rattles and squeaks while driving. They distract me and make it unsafe at times while I try to figure out what is causing them.
  11. Add an After-the-Market Thermometer

    I was wondering if it would be possible to add the factory one to the radio. When the light hits the display just right, I can see the LEDs in there, wondering if it is a simple piece that would just plug in.
  12. What do you store in the top dashboard storage box?

    McDonald's receipts. I've not eaten there in months, but that is pretty much all that is in there. I used to put my shades in there, but stopped since my head got singed because they were so hot! It gets very hot in there w/out the use of a sun shade for the windshield! No pens, no gum, nothing that could get runny.
  13. Found my Old Car!!!

    He'd just smirk and say that it wasn't his anymore so he didn't care.
  14. So, what car did you part with to get your Fusion?

    Glad to see the topic still going!