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Found 2 results

  1. I am currently selling my BARELY used Cobb AccessPort. I tuned my 2014 Ford Fusion 2.0 EcoBoost for one day, and uninstalled the tune, and its been in the case ever since. There is nothing wrong with it at all, just would rather sell it to someone that would actually use it then have it sit in my dresser. I had only tuned my car for the day mainly out of curiousity, then had to get it serviced ( which is why I uninstalled the tune) just in case you know? and just really never messed with it since for some reason. ** This AccessPort is unmarried** Comes with all accessories I am asking $350. I purchased it for $500 on Mountune's site, and think that is a real reasonable price for how much its been used. Throw me some offers though, the worst I can say is No And I just realized all pictures are horizontal and Im sorry haha
  2. What I have: 13' FF FWD 2.0t Ecoboost mostly stock. K&N stock replacement filter and a turbo thrush w/ 3" inlet pipe 1 in 2 out (someone had a y pipe with muffler delete and burnt up the water pump thinking they were on Fast n Furious... so I fixed it so I could hear and got some back pressure) It has the hard shift between 2-3 that so many have. What its used for: My wife and I Uber and this is a select vehicle(uber black minus the black on black and additional fee) as well as most of the year I put a 32' ladder and 22 collapsible. We drive about 30k miles a year so MPG and 87 octane is big for us but I also want it to have an enjoyable mode. I am willing to run 91 on the fun days or road trips. What I want to do: Total price has to be under $700 I looked into spaces and as a mechanic(15+ years) I just want the best for my needs, results for $. Sound Symposer delete while running that open line to exterior air (only if it adds more airflow). Steeda Recommends "Denso ITV22" and I need new plugs any advice (copper, iridium...) ive always used motorcraft on ford but this is a different kind of ford. I have 60k miles so im gonna clean up throttle body too. Has new trans fluid and axle seals recently replace. I would like to install a better blow off valve (i like the sound but its not a big deal) So i would like to know your opinion. I just want something that may be a little more up to mild tuning standards recirculated or not lets her ideas Add the BIG question whats some feedback from similar setups COBB, MOUNTUNE, or Livernois and why. I was steered away from SCT with the X4 mainly due to the ability to have a few tunes that can be set via steering controls instead of pulling over and uploading a new program (keep this in mind, steering wheel integration is preferred). I have done a lot of research into this but I am new to tuning and ford fusions. My past has been with diagnoses and repair of mainly NA engines. Having said that I am a quick learn and great with computers. Ultimately I would love to just run my computer directly to the car but i understand that the cheapest/safest way is going to be using a v3 port along with people that have dynos. I don't expect the right answer, only honest opinions and I hope to know that they are based on person review. Let me know what you think, and Thanks in advance. FYI I have the premium 18" 20 spoke polished aluminum rims that I don't want So let me know if your looking for some, may even trade. I like 16's maybe 17 they are $$cheaper for rubber