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Found 5 results

  1. Hi, I'm having an issue with my 2006 Fusion. The piano black door pillar post trim (passenger side, rear) has bent outwards, separated from the body of the car, and now becomes stuck on my front passenger doorframe every time I open the door. This has bent the trim panel & makes it difficult to open and close the door without causing more damage. The trim is bent now and looks awful, and I'm afraid to open my front passenger door. Has anyone ever seen this issue with a fusion before? Any advice as to how I should fix it? I'm including a picture showing the panels in question circled. Thanks in advance!
  2. Need to identify an exterior part.

    Looking for the name of the chrome piece on the trunk lid. The grill on the front is black and it bugs the crap out of me that the back piece is chrome. Looking to see if it is a part that can be replaced or have a vinyl wrap or something cover it. Any info would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!
  3. gritty surface

    I just purchased a 2016 pre-owned fusion. The car exterior looks fine, but when I run my hand over the car, the, the finish felt gritty, is this common, and is this covered under warranty? BigAl68
  4. Hi Everyone, Proud owner of a 2014 Fusion Hybrid Titanium bought new back in March. I have just over 5k miles on the car and it's been kept in the garage since day one. I recently noticed all of the plastic pieces like the bumbers, spoilers and body panel parts are turning a different color. The paint is the White Platinum Metallic Tri Coat, this is essentially pear white. The plastic parts are starting to yellow and it looks aweful! I am not crazy, I've had several different people look at my car and they agree the paint looks bad. Iam wondering if onyone else has encountered this same problem? Planning to give it a good bath and take it back to the dealership next week - I am not really sure what to expect. Wish me luck. Thanks,
  5. I have a 2011 Ford Fusion SEL (Ingot Silver) with tinted windows, smoked side markers with leds in them, and smoked license plate cover. I want to do more modifications to it, but I need some sites, suggestions, reasonable price options, and so forth!!!! Any help would be appreciated. Thanks PS Attached is my car with the tinted windows however it did not have the smoked side markers yet.