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Found 230 results

  1. Hey everyone, I am new to this forum stuff but I figured I'd message you all and see what you know... My 2013 Ford Fusion 1.6L ecoboost is making a ticking/knocking noise at idle. You can really hear it while at a complete stop and in gear. In park you hear it as well but not as loud.. SAYING THAT, the noise is easily heard more inside of the vehicle than outside. I made a video and posted on YouTube for you all to see... any ideas??? Any help is appreciated. WATCH THE VIDEO!!
  2. I purchased a 2015 Ford Fusion Titanium new and currently have 2200 miles on it. It has developed a noisy rattle/buzz in the drivers side door. I can tap on the soft touch portion of the door above the interior latch (from door lock almost to the front) and hear it buzz. I took it to dealers and explained, they said they fixed it 'per ford specs' and said a clip was loose. Driving home it was doing the exact same thing. Strange thing is on the passenger side, when you tap the same area it sounds solid and makes no noise. Drivers side sounds hollow behind the soft touch panel. Is there some sound deadening material behind there that maybe was overlooked? Vibrations are heard when certain notes are played on stereo (I dont crank the bass!). Looking for anyone else with similar issue or hoping someone from Ford actually reads this and cares about customer satisfaction. Thanks! G
  3. Wanting to upgrade my fusion's power. I'm wondering how much power I can get out of it WITHOUT replacing the turbo. Catback, downpipe, tuner, etc,. What upgrades can/should I make to it and what supporting modifications will I need in order to handle the new power? Without replacing the turbo what kind of HP can I expect?
  4. Partial Throttle Hesitation

    I have an '09 3.0L v6 auto trans with 184k miles. I bought it seven years ago, CPO from a Ford dealer at 34K miles and it's the most reliable car I've ever owned. Can runs well, but just developed an acceleration hesitation: If I'm cruising, then step on the throttle, at 1700 to 2000 rpm, the engine hesitates. after that it's fine. It doesn't do it all the time. when I think the issue is gone, it shows up again. then it's hard to replicate the issue. The air filter is fresh and clean, and I recently cleaned the MAF sensor with the correct spray and replaced the PCV. It seemed to help a little the issue is still there. There is no Check Engine Light on and the car is consistently getting great gas mileage and pulls as strong as ever. What is this? My guess is it could this be an O2 sensor issue. Even if it's not, I'd love to change them. Is there a video or photo of the O2 sensors' locations? thanks
  5. I have a 2014 Fusion Titanium with a remote start. I have it set to auto - under settings > remote start > Climate Control > Heater-A/C > auto. When I first bought the vehicle , that option was greyed out - after several attempts , the dealer replaced an FCIM and the setting was available. Regardless of the temperature, air conditioning is at a medium lukewarm output until I push the start button on the vehicle. When I took it to the dealer, they told me that I should be using the last settings option and remember to put the AC at 72 before I shut off the car. I escalated to the Service Manager , and even opened a case with Ford , and both indicating that this was how the functionality worked. Then this past weekend , I tried the same steps on a 2015 Escape Titanium , and the air conditioner was blasting after I started the car with the remote and before I pushed the start button. Has anyone else had this problem ? My thought is that it is a minor setting change or something. It is starting to get very warm here in Florida , I rely on this functionality during the daytime. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
  6. Good day folks! I have a question regarding my brothers Fusion. He just changed his tires and his alignment got refused as his right lower control arm is shot (i assume the inner bushing went to hell). Firstly, does anyone have a write up on how to do it? As I understand the procedure is different in 2013+ Fusions compared to the older platform shared with the Mazda6. Secondly, other than calling a dealer to be certain, there are two part numbers that according to part websites fit: GS7Z-3078-B and GS7Z-3078-A . Any difference between the two? Thank you for your help, Odi
  7. Hey all, I have a 07 fusion with digital fan speed control that would work when the wires were moved around down there. Shortly after it stopped working all together. I replaced my resistor, pigtail, and blower motor about 6 months ago after the same thing happened. This time around it seems to soon for the same problem. Any ideas on what else could be going wrong? I was reading other posts and thought I could have wired the pigtail in wrong. These pics are what burnt out.
  8. Joining from California

    Hello everyone, new owner of a 2017 Fusion Sport. Looking for a good to community to share and exchange with.
  9. I have a 08' Ford Fusion and the compass only reads "err" no matter how many times I try to calibrate it. Fell funny driving around in circles. Then twice after starting my car, it calibrated on its own. But once I turn the car off then back on, it states "err" again. I also have an issue with my rear view mirror NOT auto-dimming. I've asked the dealership and they won't look at it without paying a service fee to tell me what is wrong. Has anyone had these issues with the compass and/or rear view mirror?
  10. 2013 Fusion Corrosion on Hood

    I have a 2013 Fusion purchased, used from Carmax, about a year ago. Recently noticed that there is some bubbling happening under the paint in several places along the edge of the hood. Spoke with my local Ford dealer and was told this is not under warranty because there is no perforation. Called Ford directly and was told the warranty only applies if there is perforation of the metal, which there is none. My warranty expires in a month and a half, so I am looking to determine what my options are. I have included pics.
  11. My 2008 Fusion's parking break button has popped out. I can, if I play with it, put it back temporarily and make it work. Is there an easy fix? The spring is still intact. Thanks
  12. Ford Y-Spoke Wheels, Tires and TPMS For Sale: $1650 obo Set of (4) 99.9% perfect OEM Ford wheels and TPMS Fits present model Fusion - may fit other years of Fusion, as well as Taurus, Mustang, Focus etc (buyer to check fitment) No curb rash, a couple minor surface scratches only Tire info: Continental ContiProContact 235/40 R19 96V Extra Load M+S - excellent tread, No patches or plugs in tires Shipping available at buyers expense. PM me if interested. Rich
  13. Hello, im new to this forum so please excuse my non-complete profile. Anyway, I just bought a used 2015 Ford Fusion SE with 31,000 miles. I have had no issues so far, but just today I put the key in the ignition turned it over and it didn't start right away. I let go for about three seconds and it started up after turning the key. It happened twice in one day, but every time I turn the car off and then start it back up it is fine in succession. I hope it's not the fuel pump or something costly. I just recently got the car on September 7th, at a certified Ford Dealer, and I'm concerned that there is something wrong already. Please someone end my madness!
  14. Hey everyone, I have a 2013 Ford Fusion SE Ecoboost, 1.6L - I bought the car from CarMax early April with 34,0XX miles on it. I've put on 3,100 miles on it in that time period and I had the wrench + check engine light come on. Here's the story below: So I was driving last night, heading to the gym. I was going about 35-40 MPH and all of a sudden I feel like I driving on a very light bumpy road. I disregarded it and kept driving then a few seconds later, here comes this yellow wrench light and the message "read owners manual". As all that came on I noticed the RPM's staggering between 1000 and 2000 and I could definitely tell it went into limp mode as I drifted into the gym parking lot. I park, turn the car off. Then turn it back on, and weirdly, the icon was gone. After I was done in the gym I started it back up and had no problems. Drove home fine. Fast forward about 23 hours and again, I'm leaving to go to the gym. So I get in my car, turn it on, and there's the wrench icon. I didn't want to risk anything so I slowly backed it out of my driveway so I could get my backup car (PT Cruiser, lol). When I get home to put the Fusion back in the drive way I noticed the Check Engine light pop up. Has anyone gone through this? The manual said it was the powertrain but what could've happened to it? I've only put 3000 miles on it since I got the Fusion in April of 17'! I have an extended warranty so I'm covered either way but I'm confused on why it's acting up! Thanks
  15. For sale : 500 OBO 2013 - 2016 Ford Fusion retro fit halo mustang style led headlight assembly. Fits all 13-16 fusion models. Left and right set. 2 halos per side and sequential turn signals. Brand new never used and never installed. Completely 100% plug and play install, all parts included... only thing you need is a set of d2s HID bulbs Bought new off eBay for 900+ I'm from Vancouver Canada but I'm willing to ship anywhere. Message me for info or questions or if you would like more pictures You can email me at bkovacs@statusautomation.com or reply here or dm me Thanks for looking!
  16. Does anyone know what octane of gas I should put into my new 2016 Ford Fusion Hybrid? In the past I have always put 89 into my cars (Honda and Mazda). Not sure if that was ever required but just something I did. Wanted to get feedback from everyone here on what their suggestions might be? Thanks Steve
  17. Hey guys, I'm new here (just joined), and I'm picking up a 2016 fusion titanium for $16k with 27k miles on it on Monday. It was a fleet vehicle (rental) and I'm making the dealer do a trans fluid change and oil change and coolant flush as part of the purchase. I'm already planning to get the car dipped with proline (world rally blue) and picking up CP-E intercooler here (will be tuned by torrie mcphail as he's my go to guy for anything not cobb). I'm probably going to do the gtx2976r (slightly bigger than my focus st's gtx2971r) due to the fact that it gives me more room on pump gas and spool is not a concern since it's auto and will hold boost through the shifts and the gtx2971r spooled very well on my focus st (3500 rpm 20 psi) so 3800 rpm is acceptable for me on an auto car. I'm not new to the 1st gen 2.0 EB motor, but I am new to the 6F35. I've done tons of research and determined it's probably not going to survive past 370 wtq as it has a 37% reduction in tq capacity compared to the 6F55 and the highest taurus sho I've seen is like 600 wtq. Looking in the parts catalog it appears the 2017 fusion both 2.0 and 2.7 v6 tt are using the 6F55. Rebuilding the 6F35 is probably not worth the money when you can have a 6F55 for $2,400. and probably installed for $3,200. So while I don't plan on doing trans anytime soon and will probably rag on it until it dies, when the upgrade time comes will the 2017 fusion 2.0 6F55 bolt right in? Does anyone know this? My other builds: Fiesta ST: Focus ST: 2016 Mustang GT: ================================================================ 2017 Fusion 2.0T/2.7 TT Trans Assembly and discounted parts link G3GZ-7000-B 6F55 http://www.fordparts.com/Commerce/PartDetail.aspx?n=afGuDVF3uXy0vCy0IR4QZw%3d%3d&id=423059280&m=44&search=true&year=2017&make=Ford&model=Fusion Discounted link: https://www.fordlincolnpartsdepot.com/oem-parts/ford-automatic-transmission-asy-g3gz7000b
  18. I am currently selling my BARELY used Cobb AccessPort. I tuned my 2014 Ford Fusion 2.0 EcoBoost for one day, and uninstalled the tune, and its been in the case ever since. There is nothing wrong with it at all, just would rather sell it to someone that would actually use it then have it sit in my dresser. I had only tuned my car for the day mainly out of curiousity, then had to get it serviced ( which is why I uninstalled the tune) just in case you know? and just really never messed with it since for some reason. ** This AccessPort is unmarried** Comes with all accessories I am asking $350. I purchased it for $500 on Mountune's site, and think that is a real reasonable price for how much its been used. Throw me some offers though, the worst I can say is No And I just realized all pictures are horizontal and Im sorry haha
  19. 2017 MKZ/Fusion/Continental – Window Bounce Back And/Or Loss Of Window One-Touch Up Functionality Some 2017 MKZ, Fusion, and Continental vehicles may exhibit window bounce back when using the one-touch feature and/or a loss of window one-touch up functionality. Perform the Integrated Diagnostic System (IDS) power door window initialization procedure. The learn procedure is available on IDS software version 103.05 or later. Access to this IDS learn procedure is available under Toolbox / Body /Power Window Initialization. No additional repairs should be attempted if this does not resolve the concern. Engineering is aware and is currently investigating. Monitor OASIS for future updates.
  20. Hello ford enthusiasts! Wanted advise on an option to buy a Ford Fusion Hybrid SE 2017 as a used vehicle. The odometer is at 3200. The car was used as a courtesy vehicle at the dealership. At $20,000 does it sound like a good deal?
  21. I have an issue with my Ford Fusion 2010 3.0 V6 awd130k miles. The car is stumbling at low speeds under light acceleration ( it seems like there is something holding her back and it is very jerky) and on occasions the cars shakes like crazy and it even stalls.Also i am experiencing cranking issue only when the car sits overnight. On the freeway it runs great. I had the transmission and torque converter rebuilt (since then i am getting worse fuel economy)and a new fuel pump put in ( ever since i changed it i am getting a calculated lower fuel range), MAF sensor cleaned and a new battery. I am not sure what to do as there are no codes and no CEL. thank you
  22. I'm very confused about how many speakers I have in my 2006 Ford Fusion SEL. I've noticed that car reviews online have said that the car comes with 6 speakers, but in my car I think I have 8. I have 1 on each door (4) then 2 tweeters on the front doors (2) and 2 in the back part, above the trunk... so my math tells me 8 speakers. Maybe tweeters aren't considered speakers. I don't know?
  23. I have a 2006 Ford Fusion SEL V6 that had a standard 6 CD radio when I bought it, I recently bought a used 2006 Ford Five Hundred Ford navigation system. It works but the bass just isn't as good/loud as it was before, I turned the bass up in the sounds options but not too much changed. Also my steering wheel controls no longer work for the Ford navigation system.
  24. Ran the OBD and it threw thelse codes: Any help as to what might be the problem?
  25. I have a 2008 Ford Fusion SE with 50,100 miles, which has a slight front end wobble or shaking issue when accelerating between the speeds of 20-25 mph which goes away after reaching 25mph. The tires are wearing perfectly. There are no noises, just a slight shimmy or shaking as previously stated. Has anyone else experienced something similar? I brought it in to a Ford dearer but they weren't able to pin it down at the time. But now that its getting more noticeable I plan on bringing it in again. Anyone have an ideas what they should be checking for? I live in Minneapolis, any suggestions on where to bring it to have it repaired. Thanks