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Found 3 results

  1. I live in Gastonia,NC right outside of charlotte. We have a few days below freezing with some rain. I have to leave my car outside since my parents take up the garage. So here are so cool pictures of the fusion frozen. First Picture and Second Picture
  2. Hi, I just stepped out of a 2012 Camry Hybrid and I really enjoyed the car. Driving Prius' before the one thing that stuck out most about me was the ICE / EV combination management... With the Prius it would almost always combine the ICE and Electric Motor while driving and you can see a very weird graphic to that effect. The ICE is moving the wheels and generating power for the Electric Motor who is also generating power and driving the wheels. With the Camry Hybrid I noticed no such funnyness going on. The car was either being propelled by the ICE or the Electric Motor but not both. The obvious exception is when I stomped on the throttle. For me this was really prefered and just seems to make more sense espcially in a car with a CVT, I never really did get why the Prius would spin the ICE at a higher RPM to propel the car and provide energy to the battery. Does anyone know if the 2012 & the new 2013 have similar ICE / Electric Motor propulsion logic?