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Found 10 results

  1. New to fusions. Have owned a 93 gst eclipse, and a 2004 srt 4. Non turbos 95 prelude, 01 prelude, 05 is 300, 04 acura rsx type s. Did alot of ebay parts on the non turbos. Are the ebay parts for the fusions any good? On both turbos did hard pipes, bov, intake, and tune. How small are the turbos on these cars? Are they worth switching out? I have a 2015 se 2.0. Im looking into the k and n intake and a bov to start bolt ons. Its nice to be here and thanks for any advice in advance.
  2. Wanting to upgrade my fusion's power. I'm wondering how much power I can get out of it WITHOUT replacing the turbo. Catback, downpipe, tuner, etc,. What upgrades can/should I make to it and what supporting modifications will I need in order to handle the new power? Without replacing the turbo what kind of HP can I expect?
  3. I am currently selling my BARELY used Cobb AccessPort. I tuned my 2014 Ford Fusion 2.0 EcoBoost for one day, and uninstalled the tune, and its been in the case ever since. There is nothing wrong with it at all, just would rather sell it to someone that would actually use it then have it sit in my dresser. I had only tuned my car for the day mainly out of curiousity, then had to get it serviced ( which is why I uninstalled the tune) just in case you know? and just really never messed with it since for some reason. ** This AccessPort is unmarried** Comes with all accessories I am asking $350. I purchased it for $500 on Mountune's site, and think that is a real reasonable price for how much its been used. Throw me some offers though, the worst I can say is No And I just realized all pictures are horizontal and Im sorry haha
  4. Good evening all, I am new to the group, so I wanted to test the water and see if anyone has tried or is looking at trying to turbo charge an 07-09 Fusion with a 5 speed manual. I bought this car a year ago because I wanted a manual tranny and this happened to be at a dealer nearby. I assume that a manual transmission is pretty rare (but that is becoming increasingly more common, much to my dismay) so I was wondering if anyone had tried or is in the process of turbo charging their car. Right now I am in limbo on how and when to do it. I know the engines are similar to the Focus RS, so it can't be impossible but could be difficult to upgrade. I know I need to replace one of the head gaskets soon so if head studs are needed, I would do it then. The clutch is in decent shape, it is the original clutch so I know I will need to replace it about time I start throwing power to it. I have some performance upgrade knowledge but it has mostly been diesel performance so I am coming in blind with gasoline engines as far as knowledge. I know I will need turning, and there is a great tuning shop nearby, so I would be using them. I kind of plan on amassing parts and doing the upgrades pretty much at one time. My dream would be having the car turbo'd, inter-cooled, short throw shifter, upgraded clutch, tuning to run on standard gas, and run about 6-7 PSI. Not looking for a barn burner or drag racer but a car that has some torque and gets decent fuel mileage. Any opinions or comments (that are not negative or rude) are appreciated.
  5. I know it can be done. Ive seen pics on the net but cant find any good source info. Does anyone know of a good shop I can go to have a custom turbo setup installed on a 2012 fusion sport? Not looking for crazy hp numbers but a solid 350 whp would be nice. Thanks
  6. Hey guys, I remember a long time ago when I got my Fusion I was interested in a turbocharger kit but it was impossible to find one (other than the jank ones on ebay). I just happened to feel like googling it today and a link on amazon popped up. It says the models/years it is compatible with and it says: 06-11 Ford Fusion S/ SE/ SEL 2.3L/ 2.5L. Im not sure how trustworthy it is, but I typically find amazon a bit more reliable than ebay. Any opinions on this? It has yet to have any reviews :/. I read something before about our cars not having the best "u-joints" for the extra power? Im not sure what that is but its something to talk about. It says in the description that it is "Capable of boosting horse power up to 300+ BHP". This is the link: http://www.amazon.com/High-Performance-Upgrade-T04E-Turbo/dp/B00R4XTD2M
  7. 2007 Ford Fusion SE

    Hey, I have a 2007 Ford Fusion SE with a 4 cylinder engine and i was wondering if it would be worth it to even turbo it. it has around 175 horsepower and i was wondering the average gains i would get by turboing it. Thanks! William
  8. Hey everyone! I am new to the forum and i going to be buying myself a new 2014 fusion se at the end of feb. I have pretty much everything picked out but the only thing i cant decide on is the engine. I cant decide between the stock 2.5l or the 1.5l ecoboost. They both have about the same hp and torque but my real hang up is, what gets better mpg? I dont expect either of them to get their stated mpg but does anyone have any actual mpg info they can give me on either of them? And is there any reason i should get one instead of the other? i do like that the 1.5 is turbo'd being a car fanatic myself but I also know that turbos can lead to possible problems in the future. Summary: What should I get, 2.5l or 1.5l and why? What gets better ACTUAL mpg. Thanks in advance!
  9. Fusion Turbo

    Hey all im new to the forum and I've had my fusion for about a year or so and I was wondering whether or not it was possible to correctly fit a turbo to the 2.3L Duratec? I've seen superchargers on them but I've never seen a turbo fusion. Can anyone link me to a site that sells a turbo that will fit without too much hassle? (Please dont link f2usa, as they no longer exist)
  10. High-performance Fusion a possibility?

    I just saw this article the other day. It's not much, but apparently the marketing manager for the new Fusion will neither confirm or deny the possibility of a high-performance Fusion variant. I think most of us were thinking along the lines of the 3.5L EcoBoost V6 from the Taurus SHO, but even the non-turbo 3.7L V6 from the Mustang would be fun (which is probably more likely since it's an option on the new MKZ). She says people have been asking and the platform can support it, so we can only hope a big engine will be a possibility in the future (2014 models?). Article: Exclusive: Ford’s marketing manager overviews new Fusion, hints at Fusion SHO possibility