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Found 25 results

  1. Ford Y-Spoke Wheels, Tires and TPMS For Sale: $1650 obo Set of (4) 99.9% perfect OEM Ford wheels and TPMS Fits present model Fusion - may fit other years of Fusion, as well as Taurus, Mustang, Focus etc (buyer to check fitment) No curb rash, a couple minor surface scratches only Tire info: Continental ContiProContact 235/40 R19 96V Extra Load M+S - excellent tread, No patches or plugs in tires Shipping available at buyers expense. PM me if interested. Rich
  2. Mounted and balanced, comes with center caps, lugnuts, and tpms sensors installed. These were my summer set for my recently wrecked 2014 Fusion hybrid. The wheels are in pristine condition and the tires have about 15k on them. This set looked incredible on my gray Fusion! 5x108 lug pattern. 18" by 8" wide. Looking for $800 but I'm open to offers. Feel free to ask any questions.
  3. All, First time poster, appreciate the help on this. A little background, bought my 2013 Ford Fusion Ti used (1 owner off lease) off a Ford dealer. The car cleaned up pretty nice (see below), but as with all used cars, has a few signs of wear. Anyway, the wheels have approx 28K on them. I have attempted to clean them up using a couple of polishes, however with no improvement. It appears the finish is coming off the wheel. I don't know if the previous owner took any care of the wheels, because it sure didn't look like it. A side note, browsed through the forums on the various Fusion forums, but haven't come across this issue yet. If anyone could tell me whats going on with the wheels I would appreciate it. The issue is prevelant on all four wheels
  4. Hi everyone, I am looking at FINALLY putting some winter wheels on my 2013 Ford Fusion Titanium. I currently have the 19" rims on. I am looking on craigslist and found the following and was wondering if they would work? Wheel size is 15" X 7". Dual bolt pattern 5 X 108 mm (5 X 4.25"), or 5 X 114.3 (5 X 4.5"). Offset is 35 mm, which is 5.25" backspacing.​They come with winter tires as well, which are Hankook Winter Pike. 215/60R-15. All 4 for $100, which seems like a steal. The guy listed them as dinged up with some scratches but what do I care for winter. Let me know what you think! Thanks!
  5. Because my 2013 fusion hybrid does not have a jack (or spare tire), I have to use a hydraulic jack to change out my summer wheels/tires for winter ones. The hydraulic jack support will not fit at the jack points noted in the fusion (non-hybrid) owner's manual. Where can I place the jack?
  6. Any rims like these?

    Hey guys, this is the first time I've posted here, so hopefully I'm doing this right. So I love these rims, but they're 19" by 8.5. I absolutely love the pattern, but I can't find any with the right size tire to compensate for the much bigger rim. I really don't want to go buy the rims and then pay another 800 for tires. I find these on craigslist, and for 600 with the tires already on them with very low miles. The reason I'm saying all of this is because I don't want to have that big of a rim on my car. I think it looks really cool in pictures and when I see it pass by me on the street, but its just not something I would have on my personal car. In addition to that, Id prefer to keep the speedometer as close to as it is now as possible. So my question to everyone is, have you seen or know of any rims that look like these do, but in 18" rather than 19? An 18" wheel with the right tire will be a lot easier to work with for the speedometer and odometer. Thanks guys
  7. 2012 Ford Fusion Sport FWD, 50k miles - still driving OEM Goodyear RS-As, 225/45R18 Would like to upgrade my tires, and read good things about the following - looking for any/all input. Not looking for a racing tire here, just something with good handling & decent winter performance (live in NJ). Goodyear Eagle Sport All-Season (~$150/tire) - ranked #3 on TireRack survey of UHP A/S tires, but I don't like my RS-As... Cooper Zeon RS3-A (~$150/tire) - good reviews where I could find them on the net, though tough given they're not sold on TireRack. I've had Coopers on my '05 Escape in the past, and was satisfied. Seems like a 'bang-for-your-buck' contender. Continental ExtremeContact DWS (~$175/tire) - ranked #1 on TireRack survey of UHP A/S tires, seems to be a very good A/S tire for winter, but lacks the comfort ratings of the GY Eagle Sports (according to TireRack results). Also pricier. Michelin Pilot Sport A/S 3 (H/V) - (~$175/tire) - technically a HP tire it seems, a bit pricier but very strong reviews, the W/Y speed rated models ranked low on TR survey results of UHP tires, including poor winter performance Bridgestone Potenza RE970AS Pole Position (~$155/tire) - low TireRack ranking & poor winter performance, but others on fusion forums have high praises. TireRack Survey rankings: UHP tires http://www.tirerack.com/tires/surveyresults/surveydisplay.jsp?type=UHPAS&width=225%2F&ratio=45&diameter=18&tireSearch=true&filter=y HP tires http://www.tirerack.com/tires/surveyresults/surveydisplay.jsp?type=HPAS
  8. I am in need of replacing my original tires which were 235/45R18 94V Goodyear Eagle LS2 tires from the factory. I am wondering if there is some other tire out there I should look into buying instead? or if these are good enough tires for the price and will definitely keep me going?
  9. i have a real plain jane i want to dress up. but i like the look of steel wheels. (like Nascar) found a rim (the Nascar 614) i like but was wondering if it was quality. also, am annoyed because they dont sell 2013 fusion bolt pattern in the OEM 16" rim size that would mean i would have to junk the Goodyears i have. wouldnt make sense. anyone have anything they can offer?
  10. Lug nuts

    So I need to get a new set of lug nuts for my Fusion due to the fact that all of the old ones are messed up. Thanks to the idiot in Pep Boys who changed tires on my car, they're stripped. Dealership wants to charge over $130 just to get these lug nuts. Is there any recommendations on where I can find lug nuts that'll fit on my car without coming close to $100?? Please help! Man on budget here!
  11. Matte Gray Finish Wheels

    I just got a set of 18" Enkei BR7's in the matte gray finish, running Michelin Pilot Sport AS3 in the 235/45x18 size. What do you think? Also have read and heard a horror stories about how hard matte finish wheels are to keep clean and how easily the finish on Enkei wheels in particular will chip and peel... So if any of you have any comments regarding cleaning or experience with matte finish wheels (any brand), please add your comments. All comments, or constructive criticisms are welcomed. I chose gray, because everyone in town is running black wheels and I just had to be different... The factory wheels will be going back on once the snow season starts. .. 2012 Fusion Sport AWD - Other mods include: Steeda CAI SCT flash tuner (with Steeda 93 octane tune) Steeda throttle body spacer Steeda strut tower brace Magnaflow 15552 cat-back exhaust
  12. I tried to take off the front right tire (passenger) and change the headlight bulb. What I found was that the 19mm socket would not fit into the lug nuts cleanly, and they were on so tight from the dealer that I needed a 2 foot lug wrench to get the torque needed. I did some research and it sounds like the chrome plating swells up, is that true? Anyone else ever have this issue and have any suggestions? I'm looking at aftermarket ones, although they look good and sound solid, they don't look like they would keep the wheel cover on.
  13. Looking for 19" Y spoke wheels to replace my 18" 20-spoke wheels on my Titanium. Mine are in great shape with 13k miles on tires. If you are looking to downsize, let me know.
  14. Hello all, first post here. I've got a 2013 Titanium with the 19" wheels. Love the vehicle but it's terrible in snow. Now that my second winter with this vehicle is approaching I need to get some snow tires and need help. For one, there isn't crap available for the OEM wheel size in a winter tire. Second, the width is far to fat for driving through snow. Some background, my previous vehicle (Honda Accord) I had outfitted with winter tires/wheels that were skinny 195's with only 15" rim so the added sidewall would absorb the pot holes better. I could easily track through snow up to 6" deep, which isn't so uncommon for my area. I'd like to do the same with my Fusion with minus sizing the wheels. Has anyone else done this? I'd imagine going with the SE 17" OEM tire size would work on my Titanium unless the brakes are significantly different. Anyone know? I'd like to order tire/wheel combo from Tire Rack or someone similar with TPMS pre-installed. Just want to make sure it will fit before I spend $1000+. Thanks
  15. '13/14 Titanium Wheels

    Hello all, first post in the forum as a new Fusion owner. I got a '13 Titanium and love everything about the car, except the stock 18's that come on it. I have to wonder, am I the only one that finds Ford's choice of wheels for the Titanium pretty baffling? With that said, I am looking to swap out the wheels, ideally with another factory wheel. Of course I love the 19" H-spokes but I think I'd like to stay at 18" for MPG. I do also like the clean look of the 5 spokes that come on the appearance package. Can I simply swap these in easily(with my tires) since the new/old are both 18s? I found some available for sale locally for $1000 rims only, which have only a few hundred miles on them. Good deal? Seems a bit high. Poll: What do people like better, the stock wheels on the Titanium or the 5 spokes from the appearance package?
  16. Im new to cars and want to replace my fusions rims. I have to stock 17inch ones but they're chipping. Few questions. 1. Where can I buy them? 2. What do you recommend? 3. Please just help haha.
  17. Replacing Wheels

    Hey all! I have a 2010 Fusion SE, with the 17" steel wheels and plastic covers. I was wondering if I could simply take 18" Fusion wheels and replace the ones I currently have, or if further modification would be necessary. Thanks!
  18. I have a 2010 fusion se and i just got 18 mustang 5.0 wheels. I cant decide which tire size to get. dont really know the width i need, 225,235 or 245 and im leaning towards getting 40s instead of then 45 low pro tire. I known the sport version has 225/45/18. And also if i dont put the tire presure sensors in them im sure the light will stay on but will there be a way to shut it off? Any help or recommendations would be helpful.
  19. Have a set of five ROH fury 19in wheels. 5x114.3 with a +49 offset. 245 35 19 tires. Eibach pro kit springs for v6. Ran two seasons. eibach wheel spacers. 20mm. Hub centric bolt on. Can even use with your factory wheels to fill out wheel wells and give the perfect stance. Roh wheels $600 Eibach springs $100 Wheel Spacers $150 Having trouble uploading pics. message me and i will email you pics
  20. If you just bought a 2013 Titanium Ford Fusion and it has these measly 19in STOCK wheels and your it itching to replace them with super awesome 20in wheels then I will gladly buy them off you. Name your price! Thanks, Eric
  21. I recently picked up a 2012 Ford Fusion, and was hoping to get some insight on new rims and tires. What are good rims and tires to make my ride "Fly"? On another note... Man the 2013 model is super nice!!!!
  22. For sale are my Factory Ford 18” Machined Aluminum Wheels and Goodyear Eagle Low-Profile Tires. The Rims are 10 Spoke with Painted Pockets and the Ford logo in the middle (Offset: 44mm, 18" x 7.5", 5 Lugs, 10 Spokes Finish: Machined with Charcoal Pockets). Tires are V Rated Performance Goodyear Eagle RS-A P225/45R 18's. These rims are in great condition as you can see on the pictures. None of them have been curbed. The rims and tires only have 20k miles of them. I would guesstimate the tires have 30% tread left. With the tires and the condition of the rims, I think $850 is fair. I would prefer to do local pickup, up to 75 miles from St. Louis. Otherwise I would like to ship via Greyhound. I have done this before with many big items assuming there is a greyhound station in your town. If that doesnt work, a different mode of shipping will have to be arranged. Buyer pays all shipping costs. PM me or send me an email to bradfordrk@gmail.com if interested.
  23. Tires ??

    So,, looking at 18x8 Enkei Falcons, flat gunmetal. Going with a set of 225/45/18 most likely Toyo or Falken. Looking for an 'all season'... Anyone rolling on Toyo Proxes 4 or Falken Ziex 912 ??? Wondering the ride and how the hold up. Sounds like the Proxes 4 are great but noisy and not the best life, might be to the new silica.. Had old proxes on a toyota spider, the thing corner like a dream. Love the Toyo ATs on my super duty, but the tread life has deteriorated since they moved the location of manufacturing. No experience with Falkens. From reading reviews, the 912 sounds like the compound grips well but wears extremely fast. 8" wide with a 225/45 performance tire, I'm not too worried about the dry ability. The Fusion won't be for autocross or snow trips, mainly a commuter. Let me know what you guys think- Thanks
  24. Selling my OEM 18"s with tires from my 2010 Mazda 6 S Grand Touring. Pics below. As you guys know, these fit the Fusion (2nd gen, unsure about 1st gen). Specs: 18" x 8", high offset, 67.1 center bore Prefer local pickup in Orange County (Anaheim, CA), $600. Wheels: excellent condition, one has minor rash, nothing too noticable, 17,000 miles Tires: OEM Michelins (235/45/18); 2 with 40% tread, 2 with 70%. Center Caps: Yes TPMS: Yes Shoot me an email or post here and I'll answer back.
  25. I have a full set of perfect 18 inch Ford Fusion Factory Wheels with tires on has 4000 miles on them for sale ... has no curb marks and tires are perfect... im asking $800 for the set I may take best offer but if u wanna low ball me then search some where else .... these wheels are not cheap and retail for 400 bucks each without tires... I have pics that I can email of each wheel to show they are Mint Condition ...