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Justin Patrick Rebboah

Rims 2012 fusion sport

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I just recently entered the ford fusion family as i just bought a used 2012 ford fusion sport. great deal for it! its black and although new the rims have pretty severe scratches on the passenger sides. I asked my dealer if he could put rims from a 2013 fusion on it and he said it shouldn't be a problem. my question is will they fit? i want to black out the outside of my car (the wheels and the windows 20%) so was hoping to put these on Wheels - 18 Inch PVD Dark Chrome Kit

So will these fit, if not does anybody know of ford brand rims that are 18in and black that will fit my vehicle thanks!

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Justin - you do have a few options:


1. You can use plastidip to make your OEM Sport wheels black. This very common in the Fusion community and relatively inexpensive. And if you don't like it, it does peel off. And some have sprayed their wheels with a clear coat after using plastidip to make them look glossy. Look at these images:









2. You can paint your wheels black

3. You can have your wheels powder coated (most expensive option)

4. Look into aftermarket wheels with the same bolt pattern as mentioned above - 5x114.3


OEM wheels will be expensive. You can look on craigslist or ebay as well.

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new to the community, just bought a 2012 Fusin Sport FWD, seriously Ford went BACK to 4.25"? I fought this battle for years with my 95 TBird

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