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after market mods that won't break the bank

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Hi, i am a owned of a 2013 ford fusion se and it is the tuxedo black with black rims, i have a few mods i would like to do, such as blacking out the car with tints also blacking out the grille and window trim. besides murdering my car i would also like to put new led headlight assemblies and fog light assemblies as well. I am having a hard time finding a after market grille that is black that won't break me as well as headlight assemblies, i really like the look of the mondeo headlights but they cost to much and there is not enough info if they are plug and play or if they work at all..

what i have done so far is change out my tires 235/45r18 goodyear eagle ls2 to a bridgestone drive guard which is a rft tire that does not compromise the ride.
im in the process of changing my license plate lights to some nice legs.

any other good easy and inexpensive mods?

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