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Dandy Laird

Mustang AMR dark stainless wheels

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So I just put on some 18x9 AMR dark stainless wheels today. Tires are 255/40/18. Fits perfectly though something might have to be adjusted when I lower it, it's a tight fit. I looked on so many forum topics and googled the crap out of this before I decided to take a chance and do this though I had no diffinitive answer if it would fit. If you're interested in mustang rims in the 30-45mm offset range almost all of them fit. Mine are 30mm. Stock is 44mm. The tire height I chose is the same as stock. These are nice rims and very popular lately even being put on BMW's and other sedans. The dark stainless matches the dark chrome grille really well!

*having issues uploading it... *

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Quite a few members have Mustang wheels on their Fusions, they fit well and look good.


For posting photos, most of us use Photobucket, which shows nice large pictures in the threads.


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