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End of my car

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Well, I only had it 6 weeks, and came to really like it

So I figured I'd put up the pics of how it ended....


I'm fine, btw. 8)


Now I have to wait till the Ins Co's write me a check before I can get a replacement.


It was a 2012 Fusion SEL


Oddly my rental is a 2016 SE, and it just doesn't feel as solid as my car, and of course not as peppy, 4 vs my v6 , and it seems to get about the same gas mileage I was getting... hmmm



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Wow. Glad you're OK! Gonna get another Fusion?


So what kind of gas mileage did you get with your 6cyl? I have a '12 SE but it's the 4 banger. I'm getting about 30MPG, mostly highway.

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I'm going to try to get another Fusion, hopfully the 13 or later...

I would get the 12 again as long as it's either the v6 or Hybrid ...


I was getting about 25 in town and mostly 30 on hyway, at one point I drove about 50 miles on a new full tank while it said I was getting 35 ...

I never did get to put E85 in it... wanted to , there is a station that carries it near by...


I tinted the windows, and had my Pioneer 8100 in it....

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So, today I found out what I knew already... it's totaled....


Now to see what they give me for it.... From what I've heard my insurance gives high dollar... and after looking in my area, I just 'might' get more than I paid.... ( wishfull thinking)

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