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My 09 se and recently purchased 2016 se

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Hi there,


I have been looking into buying a new 2016 Fusion. I have a few questions for you if you don't mind. I currently have a 2007 PT Cruiser which has been the only car I have ever had. I fell in love with the Fusion for its inside design. I have not test drove the car yet by the way. Here are my questions if you could help me out:


1) First off a big concern that I have with the 2016 is the placement of the cup holders. I commute about 45 minutes to work one way and every morning I have a water bottle and a coffee cup. Have you found that when you had 2 cups in the cup holders does this interfere with you shifting gears. I also do a lot of parallel parking too and I need quick access to the shifter. This is such a stupid issue but it's one that is making me question if I want to wait and get the 2017 Fusion instead just because of the cup holder placement. However the 2017 is a bit more expensive right out of the gate and not sure if I can work that price tag in my budget!


2) Is there big blind spots on the Fusion. I know that there are packages to help with that and the side mirrors have a blind spot mirror on it. Going off of the blind spots, have you noticed when you turn to look over your shoulder that parts of the back part of your car blocks too much of the blind spots?


3) have you had any problems with if your phone is synced to the car the people you are talking to can't hear you? Some reviews I've seen, not on this forum, have complained about the air vents making too much noise for the people on the phone to hear you. And if you came into this problem what have you done to minimize the noise?


I think that is all right now. I am planning on buying the Fusion in the next two months. I really love the red color or the brown/red color since its so different! Any input will be greatly appreciated!


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Try to wait for the 2017 if possible. You can easily put a water bottle in the driver's door so blocking the shifter won't be an issue. Only a few vehicles have phone issues and most seem to be a bad microphone.

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