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Thanks drolds: Pretty good video. Main take away is...

it still comes down to personal preference, and, it MAY be SOMEWHAT relative to how much you want to spend. The cheaper ones are probably fine... IF it makes you feel a little better to spend a little more, it won't hurt, it might help... Basically a whole lot of "open to interpretation". Near as I could tell he SEEMED to be kinda singling out the WIX-XP and the K&N HP as the front runners. and he pretty much talked me out of the Royal Purple. Then there was some guy in the comment section talking about K&N now being made in Mexico and supposedly now cheaper materials.... Nothing to back it up... and the video was only from last year so.... I'm still leaning towards the K&N. If there's an access issue with the 1.5 eco then that wrench-knob feature might be useful.(?) I'll probably get one and if the wrench-knob thing turns out to be of no benefit probably get something else the next time.

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