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Need some help with an ODOR problem

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Guys I've got a problem. My young child dropped a sippi-cup full of Pediasure behind my front driver seat. It sat there for weeks. I didn't notice it until I noticed the smell. The Pediasure was slowly seeping out of the cup and pooling near where the back right of the chair attaches to the body.


This stuff was turning into cheese by the time I found it. Had to scoop it off the carpet with a spoon. Disgusting. The problem is, it didn't just soak into the carpet - it also went under the carpet because the carpet is just tucked under the plastic molding at that spot. I pulled the molding and pulled up some of the carpet to suck out as much as I could with a shopvac - sprayed with Resolve - then sucked that all up too. But it's a really tough area to access.


And the smell is still there. I pretty much clears out if I open the windows over night, but when the windows are closed it returns. Which means the pediacheese is still there. It smells like sour milk.


What can I do? Are there any chemical, microbial agents that will break down the remaining mess? That I can just pour on the impacted area without having to rip up more carpet?

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You can try baking soda. Use the powder and spray it on the carpet. Let it set for few days and it should help.

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