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Sync problems with text messages

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I have a 2012 fusion se and I have a Samsung Galaxy s7edge paired with the car. I will get incoming calls and can make calls just fine, but when it comes to sending texts and receiving nothing happens. I go to download my unread texts and it tells me it failed to download. Can anyone help me with this issue? It's driving me nuts.

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I know with my iPhone, I had to go into the bluetooth settings, tap on SYNC, and enable "Show Notifications", then new texts would come through. I'm not sure if it'll be the same thing for an android phone.

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I have notifications turned on but still nothing, I really don't get it, it should be working.


Hey Brian2012,


The text message feature for Androids must be turned on at the end of the pairing process when connecting the phone to Bluetooth. Once the phone is connected, watch your phone closely for a message to appear from SYNC. It will ask you to allow SYNC to access your messages. If this is not replied to as Yes, then it will automatically default to No. For more info on this feature, check out this link: https://owner.ford.com/how-tos/sync-technology/sync/using-your-phone/how-to-listen-and-reply-to-text-messages.html?sync=sync


Keep me updated!



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