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On 8/31/2017 at 1:10 PM, akirby said:

No way that should cost $9K. You should be able to swap in a used engine for around $2500. A brand new engine should be in the $5K range - $6K max.


Yes it's a bad design but that doesn't change the warranty terms nor is it a safety hazard requiring a recall.

FWIW, the dealer that did my "diag" quoted me $8800 for an engine installed.

I've seen Ford reman engines for $3600 - 5600 (purchase price only, plus $1000 core) but that is an ass raping for installation.


Which is why I'll be doing it myself. (whichever route I go)


There is no way I'd put a used engine in this car considering the water pump issue and impossibility to do it in car.

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