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Frank F

How to - Google Maps?

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2017 Fusion SE Hybrid with Sync 3, Android Auto (I hope), 8" display, factory navigation.


Galaxy S6 Edge phone.


Maybe it's the data cable not being a data cable if such a thing exists, but phone plugged into USB port in forward console, phone has Android Auto app installed; how does one get Google Maps to display on the display unit?


I started Android Auto on phone, plugged in of course, and Android Auto simply stays on phone. I answered yes to all 317 (or however many) questions that pop up asking for permission.


Where does one start? I'll assume the easiest it to try a different cable.


Or does Google Maps simply not work with Ford's Android Auto?

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It does, check if you have it installed and enabled, download and set up the android auto app, i use both android and ios no issues

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Yes, thank you. Once I enabled Android Auto via the settings menu, it's now able to display.

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