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Blower fan button on climate control module

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Blower stopped working. Tested the blower motor and it is working ok. Problem is the fan button on the climate control is not working. All the other buttons work. All the vent buttons work...defrost, floor, etc. Only button not working is the fan on/off and fan speeds. It is cold in Ohio so we temporarily hot wired the blower motor to the battery with a plug in to cigarette lighter till we figure it out 😳

Does anyone have any suggestions? Thank you

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Disconnect your cigarette lighter feed and just apply a ground connection to the yellow-orange blower motor wire. If it doesn't run then you have an issue with the blower motor relay, F35 (40A), or less likely F45 (5A). If it does run, then it is probably the blower motor 'resistor' or the HVAC control itself.


Do you have the manual control or the dual zone automatic option?

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