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A Couple of Things

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I just completed a round trip from Mpls. to Phoenix and the car ran great. Overall, I averaged 32+ mpg's and traveling across West Texas, at 75 mph with a 8-10 mph tail wind, I was getting in the low to mid 40's. That overall includes two trips through the mountains and both directions the up and down on I-17 in Northern Arizona, and when I wasn't driving my golf cart around Sun City, daily driving.

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Since I won't be returning to AZ until I retire, I had to drain the gas out of my golf cart. I still had over 5 gallons in the tank so I bought a hand pump, transferred it to a gas can and put it in the car. As anyone with a capless filler knows, it's impossible to pour gas into that tiny funnel, or even with a larger, unsteady funnel inserted, so I came up with this. I cut the bottom off of the spray bottle and the neck of the bottle fit snugly in the required funnel, worked great with no spillage.


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