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Detecting Those Pesky Pedestrians (Pre-Collision Assist)

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My 2017 Ford Fusion Hybrid Platinum (supposedly) has "Pedestrian Detection". I say supposedly because I haven't seen evidence it is there. I would assume the heads-up display row of LED's with the special "impending collision" tone occurs if the kid goes after her ball in front of me..


The Pre-Collision Assist system is active at speeds above approximately 3 mph (5 km/h) and pedestrian detection is active at speeds up to 50 mph


I have had the pre-collision alarm go off several times in heavy traffic (and an equal number of times in the city with people turning into their driveway at 20MPH in front of me without braking). I enjoyed the sound of pre-charged brakes once (unsettling sound).


(p.s. Don't forget to watch Fuse #22 ("Pedestrian sounder") -- someone's life may depend on it!)

(Which begs the question -- does the vehicle let me know Fuse #22 is blown?

If so, what fuse makes sure the fuse sensor is working.. :) )

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Pedestrian detection is only up front apparently.


I thought I would be cool last weekend and use my auto parking assist at Target for a perpendicular situation up near the entrance (I never get that close!).

They were busy. Car found a spot. All clear. Shifted into reverse and of course there was a pedestrian right in my passenger side blind quarter who scooted to get forward and gave me a look (if they only knew I had pedestrian detection). No warning.


No more busy parking for me.



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I finally got a "hit" with my pedestrian detection (or was it rear cross detection?). I was in reverse. There was also a small yellow(!) warning triangle in the upper left corner of the SYNC3 window rear-view display. I hit the brakes myself.


Here is a Ford Media video on the [uS exclusive] 2017 Ford Fusion Ford Pre-Collision Assist with Pedestrian Detection feature:



Ford Media Web Site here.


This next video, also from Ford Media, shows an informal technical demonstration of Pre-Collision Assist with Pedestrian Detection. It looks like an outtake from Mythbusters!

Ford Pre-Collision Assist with Pedestrian Detection Technology,


The next video is from a Dec 2014 media day at Ford HQ in Dearborn MI. Since the actual Ford pre-collision engineering team speaks in the video you can learn quite a bit. One spokesman says the car should stop on its own up to 40 km/hr. (25MPH). This might be more than advertised (since there wasn't a lawyer looking over his shoulder).


A blonde Dutch "pedextrian" is saved in this Ford video by this technology (Dec 2015). Check out the Fusion/Mondeo with right-side steering - weird!


Finally, this Lincoln MKZ video implies that the front facing camera along with a "radar behind the front fascia" will be used to detect pedestrians or vehicles in front of you. Does the Fusion use a radar like in the video? I thought it was all from the camera behind the rear-view mirror.


Remember to go into the "Pre Collision" menu on the left side of your information display to actually activate all of this great technology! (I like "maximum sensitivity").

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