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2007 Hesitating to accelerate

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Picked up a 2007 Milan (3.0 V6 AWD) this past season as my next project car. Really liked this one, so I plan(ned) on fixing it, and keeping it as my daily driver.


Needed the PCM repaired, and a tune up. Coil #1 was getting power constantly with the key on whether the engine was running or not. PCM sent out, rebuilt, new coils and plugs, new upper intake gaskets, new TB gasket as well as a new TB.


(All the other replaced parts were another long story, but irrelevant to the current issue)


Now the car runs the way it should, but it shakes at idle. No codes, no odd noises, just a "shaky" engine idle. Revs pretty normal when in park. Put it in gear, RPMs drop a bit and it starts shuttering, almost as if its not running on all 6 cylinders, give it throttle to accelerate, and it will go, but hesitates at lower RPMs. Floor it, and the engine will eventually rev up, but theres just such a lack of power, and a really throaty deep noise when you try to get it to higher RPMs.


I am praying that its not, but the only thing I can think of is a clogged cat/or cats. Its an AWD model, so how many cats does it even have? Fairly clean underbody, but theres so many "cans" on this exhaust system, im not sure whats a cat, resonator or muffler.


Its been a long day, so maybe theres something super simple I am overlooking or forgetting to check. I also have an OBDII scanner that can go to my laptop with Forscan or my phone with DashCommand. I am unsure of what to look for on those apps though as the information from most of those PID's are foreign to me.


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Run it with the upstream oxygen sensors out of the pipes and see if it's better. Make sure they're unplugged if you're going to run it for more than a minute or so. And FYI, all the coils should have power with the key on, as the PCM doesn't switch power to the coils, it switches ground.

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Try cleaning the MAF sensor. Amazing what all it affects.

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