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2012 Fusion - Attempted Break-in - Drivers Side Door Handle Broken

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Someone attempted to break into my 2012 Ford Fusion SE last night. Considering that I keep nothing in the car to entice thieves, I use "the club" on the steering wheel, and I keep the doors locked, someone certainly tried to get in.


I had just unlocked the car with my key fob, and put some stuff in the back seat, then proceeded to open my drivers side door. When I reached for the handle, I saw that the handle hand been pulled out from the car. The handle still moved like it should, but the door remained locked, and would not open. I went in through my passenger door, and even though the drivers side door was unlocked, the door still wouldn't open from the inside either. I'm not sure if this is all part of the Fusion's automatic theft deterrent system, or if the would-be thief mucked it up that it screwed up the door and locking mechanism. On the bright side, it kept the thief from actually getting into my car.


I've contacted the police, and am now trying to decide whether or not to go through my insurance, or pay for it myself. The deductible on my insurance could be more expensive than just paying for repairs simply out of pocket.


I've included a photo of the door handle, and would appreciate feedback on whether or not this might be an easy and inexpensive fix?


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This should be an easy repair. Check out this video.


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