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2017 FFH first 10k miles update

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Hello all. Not a frequent poster here but figured I would post this review and thoughts of my 2017 Fusion Hybrid considering I am about to hit 10k miles. Purchased it brand new around the beginning of October '16 with 104 miles.


Overall, I love the car. I do have several complaints, though.


1) I feel like this car has more interior squeaks, rattles and other various annoying noises than any vehicle I've ever owned before. To date it's been to Ford 5 times for annoying interior noises.


2) My puddle lights on my mirrors do not work and have not worked since I got the car...it took me about a week into owning the car to discover they were even there. Ford has had the car for a combined two weeks trying to fix the issue with no success.


3) Small area of paint starting to peel from my back bumper...due to the area it's in, I'm not convinced it's from anything on the road flying up and hitting it...currently working with Ford to see if they'll fix it.


4) It was to my understanding that after your first 1k miles gas mileage would increase...that has not been the case for me. Prior to my first 1k miles I was averaging 42 MPG...Ever since I passed the 1k mile mark I have stayed in the 37 MPG range- no matter how I adjust my driving habits. Perhaps it's the colder weather- we shall see when it warms up.


5) I can't quite figure out the Eco Mode....every time I use it my MPG drops significantly. I've tried several various ways of using It with no benefit...I leave it off.


I've already had to have on rim refinished...curbed it in an ATM drive thru. Hurt like hell when I heard it happening. No one to blame on that but myself.


I drive 60 miles round trip on my commute to work...all highway driving. I typically get 450-475 miles out of a tank of gas.


Overall, I love the car. Very luxurious feeling (if it's not making interior noises)...very comfortable to drive. I also have to mention I feel it drives leaps and bounds better than the regular Fusions (I had several base model loaners while Ford has worked on mine)....they drive terrible compared the the hybrid, in my opinion at least...the transmission in the regular Fusions are just too "jumpy" for my taste.

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Interesting about the squeaks. Mine is dead quiet.

Regarding eco mode, I notice absolutely no difference when adaptive cruise control is engaged. It accelerates and brakes the same as with it off - or at least as far as I can tell. However, if I forget to deselect it when I need to use foot throttle control, then I notice it.

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There is no break-in period except the driver. Cold weather is the culprit of low mileage. The cost is 2 mpg per -10ºF. There's also another forum here: http://fordfusionhybridforum.com/ with somewhat more activity of the newer cars.

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