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Running great, but doesn't have the power it should.

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I have a 2007 Milan, 3.0.


Picked it up as a project, barely running. Well it's "done" now, PCM rebuilt, all new coils, plugs, air filter, fluids, cam phasers, 02 sensors, etc. long list.


My girlfriend has a 2009 Fusion with the 3.0, and the thing has crazy power compared to my Milan. Hers is only FWD, but turning out of our neighborhood, her car will easily break the tires loose, and GO. My Milan is AWD so there's never gonna be any tires breaking loose, but it just doesn't take off like it should.


I can drive it "normal" all day long and everything is great, but when I need to put the pedal down and move (such as merging on the hwy, pulling out in heavy traffic etc) it just doesn't wanna move.


Trans is not slipping, everything is smooth as butter.


When I get in on, or floor it, it has a really deep, throaty exhaust note. Almost as if it's somewhat clogged.


Could clogged cats cause this? Any way to test them to see if they're clogged without actually removing them? It seems like it would be a complete PITA to do so. Like I said, the car runs fantastic. Perfectly smooth in all aspects running and driving. It's just a real lack of power in high RPMs.


Thanks for any suggestions.

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Clogged cats could definitely be an issue, though it's strange no P042x type codes have been tripped yet. And it probably would not be "smooth as butter".


One indication is the cats glowing hot after a good bit of driving. The other is to take a mallet and rap on the cats to see if you hear any rattles. Checking exhaust backpressure is also another technique. It could be a bad muffler, for all you know!


Maybe do a compression test to see if there's any issue there? Have you changed the PTU and RDU fluids (I know you mentioned "fluids")?

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