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(Gave the Fusion a nice wash & wax the other night

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It was reasonably cool Wednesday night (cool for Phoenix in July, at least - only about 90 degrees after the sun set).

Hadn't give the Fusion a proper wash in a while - mostly just waterless washes since it's just been dusty and sunny - but with the 4th of July festivities, and a recent barrage from the birds, there was a buildup of 'stuff' on the car, and it was time to do a proper wash.


First things first - I scrubbed down the tires using 5:1 diluted Meguiars D101 All-Purpose Cleaner and applied a nice coat of EagleOne Tire Shine Gel (which is solvent-free - always a good thing). A bit shinier than I normally go with, but looks great, so I kept it at full strength.

Since one of my buckets cracked, I went with a Single bucket and grit guard, with plenty of pre-rinsing. No claying necessary.

This time around, it was all EagleOne products, not intentionally, it just worked out that way.

EagleOne Nano "Wax-as-U-Wash" car wash concentrate in the bucket. LOTS of suds.. I have really grown to love this car wash product. Produces lots of suds, very slick, goes a long way, and smells great... almost like grape. Used a Microtex Platinum XL microfiber chenille wash pad. Very thick and soft pad.

Followed by a thorough spray rinse, and then dried the car with a PVA "Absorber" synthetic chamois, then hit the car with a full nose-to-tail application of EagleOne Nanowax Spray Wax, which I applied with a low-nap microfiber towel, let haze up, and then removed with a deep-nap microfiber towel.

Turned out great!



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Looks great! Wanna do mine for me?

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