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Serpentine Belt Replacement

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Just turned 100,000 miles on my '12 Fusion 3.0 and am thinking it's time to replace the belt. When I did the belt on my '06 Milan 3.0 I did the rag trick and it took about two minutes. The belt on the '12 looks a lot shorter but not as easy to get to. Any ideas or helpful videos out there?


Thanks for any help!

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This was a piece of cake. Jack the car up, take of the left front wheel and place a jack stand. Remove the small inner liner and the front of the large liner. The belt and the tensioner are right there. Use a 1/2" ratchet to release the tension and remove the old belt. When putting on the new belt I found it works best to put the belt on the pulleys first then use the ratchet to move the tensioner and work the belt onto the tensioner wheel.

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