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Jerky in traffic

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2015 jerky in traffic. I find if I'm going around 48kmh

The car has a slight bucking feeling till it shifts in 5th gear.

Also if you coast around that speed it jerks like its in too high a gear. Also will do this around 70kmh or 40 mph

If it shifts in to 6 and you give it a bit of gas in that range it will feel like a miss.

Also I find if your driving in a residential neighbourhood it really shakes a lot when your on and off of the gas.

I'm bringing it in tomorrow but would like guidance if anyone has felt this.

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They changed 2 ignition coils that had small cracks.

But we're not showing any misfires.

Bounces a lot from neutral to drive.

While on highway it feels like I'm pulling a trailer.

47,000 km hitching. It is extremely annoying.

In slow traffic if it's in a high gear if I give it a shot of gas you seem to be able to feel the power train bounce like the neutral to drive shift.

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