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Steering wheel completely rotated without turning the vehicle... Airbag light came on and buttons stopped responding & lighting up...

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I rotated my steering wheel like the girl in the exorcist. Steering wheel lights didn't come on and airbag light came on.


I was able to open the center cover, and tighten the bolt that had loosened. I then took it to get an alignment (lifetime alignment: firestone).


Unfortunately I don't believe I set the wheel back correctly.


At this point I'm not sure what to do (haven't spent any money on it yet). I met a ford dealership mechanic that said I'll likely need a wheel angle sensor or wheel position sensor (forget which one). He also mentioned that I'll likely need new steering wheel and airbag.


Its hard to understand why I need a new airbag and/or steering wheel. Airbags are easily $4-500 and steering wheels w/ components $2-300.


I looked on ebay, but wasn't able to find 2015 good condition steering wheel w/ air bag & components. I saw one for $178 for '13-14 model year.


Ford dealership said the steering wheel part # for '15 is 3600ag.


Would love to hear suggestions (i.e.- potential ways to fix with minimal cost).

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Saw your other post in wanted section.


The steering wheel nut/bolt loosened I assume because I pulled on steering wheel too much getting in and out of car. I'm 6'5" 280.


Thank you. I'm researching clockspring. It is awesome that you know what is causing problem.

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