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2017 Ford Fusion SE (<6,500 miles) - CT - LEASE

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Unfortunately I will be leaving the country in 4 months and have to transfer my lease. I hope this is the correct sub-forum for this! If anyone has any advice on where else I should inquire, please let me know.


Car Information:

2017 Ford Fusion SE - FWD

Ruby Red (link to example: http://ruthvenphotos2.com/ford_fusion_hybrid/IMG_2640ce_1000w.jpg)

Ebony Cloth Trim

<6,500 miles

Hartford, Connecticut


Lease information:

$3,000 down payment made

36 months total / 27 remaining

$292.90 pcm


Please get in touch if you are interested and I can provide more detail around the lease payments remaining. I can also provide photos if required.


The car has received some paint damages from leaving in a busy parking lot that I've been quotes at $1,500 to repair (due to the nature of the paint). I'm willing to either have the car completely re-painted prior to lease transfer, or to handover $1,500 in cash instead. Personally, if I were to keep the car, I'd leave the damages since I know it'll just get damaged again over the next two years!

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Sorry to hear, and good luck!

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