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Removing powered front seats to clean underneath

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My kids have spilled milk or something in the back floor wells that now smells disgusting. I've shampoo'd the carpet I can reach several times but it's not doing the trick - I think it seeped well under the seats where I can't reach with a brush and suction due to all the hardware. I want to remove both front seats.


I have a 2010 FFH, with powered/heated seats. I couldn't find any good youtube videos on removing the seats. I'm not replacing them - just getting them out of the way while cleaning. Is it as simple as removing the 4 bolts and then disconnecting wires below? Do I need to worry about airbags? Please provide any advice.

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If you adjust the seatbacks into a recline position, you can just tip the seats forward without removing them from the vehicle.

That will give you access to clean the carpet under the seat.


Be sure to disconnect the battery before you start disconnecting any connectors going to the seat or seatbelt.

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