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2013 Fusion Corrosion on Hood

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I have a 2013 Fusion purchased, used from Carmax, about a year ago. Recently noticed that there is some bubbling happening under the paint in several places along the edge of the hood. Spoke with my local Ford dealer and was told this is not under warranty because there is no perforation. Called Ford directly and was told the warranty only applies if there is perforation of the metal, which there is none. My warranty expires in a month and a half, so I am looking to determine what my options are. I have included pics.



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So did a little research and found that filiform corrosion is what is occurring and Ford is fully aware of it. Ford was sued and the case was tossed out on a technicality. 






I wonder if a class action can be started now that Ford is on record for stating what the problem is, I am in but would love to know what I should do NOW.


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Tossed out on a technicality?   That is completely inaccurate.   One was fixed under warranty and one chose to do his own repairs without allowing Ford to repair it.   Therefore there were no damages.   There is no evidence that this problem affects resale values.  That's not a technicality.


Just get it fixed correctly and be done with it.

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