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what else did you consider before buying the Sport?

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I have a 2010 Fusion SE w/a tiny little motor w/over $105k miles. This is the first car since the early 2000s that I've actually paid off. 

I'm getting a bug to get a new car and the Sport is the front runner in my mind. However, I may be able to swing a car in the near $50k price range. Not that I want to spend $50k on a car, but it is a possibility. The odd thing is, I compare every car I look at, regardless of price to the Sport.

The local dealer has a few that have been on the lot for MONTHS and I believe I could get one for under $33k (not including taxes and fees). In looking at cars up to $50k, I guess I've got "blue blinders" on as nothing seems to stack up to the power/AWD/and accessories the Fusion Sport has. 


Am I indeed wearing blinders? what are some other vehicles that you nearly bought instead of the Sport? 

The other front runner is the Focus RS. Another beast completely and since I'm middle aged w/bad Achilles tendons, I'm not so sure I want to depend on a manual daily. 
Third choice is a gigantic quad cap F150 FX4. It is a huge departure, bigger gas guzzler, but man, it is so nice to have so much space in it!!!

I'm all over the place. I'm in no real hurry to depart with a monthly sum of money, I just want to make sure I thoroughly check out everything in the sporty family sedan space, the Focus RS, and the truck. I've driven the FX4 and Fusion Sport, but not the Focus RS. 

any input is appreciated 

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