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Towing & recovery hitch points for the Ford Fusion

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So a kid slid off the road and ended up in the neighbor's ditch in his mother's SUV getting his first lesson in SUVS-and-trucks-cannot-stop-any-sooner-nor-take-corners-faster-in-the-snow-than-2-wheel-drive-cars. While waiting for AAA, we couldn't find the rear tow loop/hook that a flat bed might connect the winch to.  This led me to wondering where the front and rear hitch points are on the Ford Fusion.  I found this online http://www.fordservicecontent.com/ford_content/catalog/motorcraft/2017-Wrecker-Towing-Guide-Final.pdf .   Anyone have any pictures and exact locations for where the tow loops or hooks are in case anyone in the future is frantically trying to find the answer?

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