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HELP! Possible Dealer Screw Up

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Hey all, i have a 2008 Fusion SE w/ the 2.3l that I bought used from a private party.  The car works well enough and in an effort to baseline all the fluids I had the transmission flushed at the local Ford dealer on 12/20.  There were NO issues with the transmission prior to the flush at all.  It shifted just fine and never skipped a beat.  Prior to the flush we put 4,000 miles on this car w/o issue.  The only reasons I had it flushed was the color of the fluid was darker than I'd like and its history is unknown to me, but did NOT smell burnt at all.  We have now put 371 miles on this car since the flush and tonight I checked the fluid and it was EMPTY, as in nothing showing up on the dipstick.  I drove the car around the neighborhood to get it up to temp prior to checking, ran it through all the gears and then checked it.  Nothing.  I even got out a paper towel to wipe the dipstick to see if there was even a drop on it.  DRY.  


What would my recourse be with the dealer?  I have had nothing but great experiences with this dealer in all my past dealings.  I don't want the moon, but I also don't want problems down the road that may have occurred because of this.  The last time I drove it there was some snappy-ness to the 1-2 upshift that wasn't there before.  The dealer is going to have the service manager call me in the morning.  How should I handle this?  I park on dirt and have not noticed any stains or smells or smoke.  I have not gotten up under it, but I image the whole underside could be coated with trans fluid which would be the least of my concerns.  Am I hosed or do I have a reasonable claim?  If it gets re-filled do we think it will hold up for years to come?  

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I would bring the car in and demand that they check the transmission fluid in the presence of both you and the service manager before you let anyone take it anywhere out of your sight. That way you can both agree if it is dangerously low and document that if something happens to the transmission later.


If the car is moving and shifting normally, it's probably just low but not empty. Either you have a leak, or they didn't fill it enough. There may not be any damage, but they need to look at it.

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