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Intermittent Acceleration Problems with 2006 Ford Fusion

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1 hour ago, jchisholm01 said:

I am going to have my Fusion brought in to a mechanic this coming Monday and have them check things out. I mentioned having the throttle body looked at or see if it needs to be replaced. Aside from the obvious acceleration problems and the car feeling stuck. What are some other symptoms of a bad throttle body? One thing to note is that the mileage is at 112,000 +. I'm not the most mechanically inclined person but I am learning more everyday. So thanks everyone for your patience. 


Hi jchisholm.  Keeping in mind that others may take a different course of action, here is what I would recommend: Wait until an issue reoccurs, then take the car to the mechanic. It is unlikely the mechanic will be able to help much if everything is running right. Right now, your car shows no Check Engine Light, no stored codes etc.  If it was humid, raining or you had not driven for a day or two, the sound you heard when you applied the brakes may have been surface rust on the rotors being ground off  by the brake pads when you applied the brakes. Was it a slight rumbling or low pitched grinding sound? Did it only happen the first and maybe second time you applied the brakes? If yes, surface rust on the rotors was the likely culprit and quite normal.

Either way, taking it to the mechanic while it's running correctly may only cost you time and possibly money for nothing. Just my thoughts on the matter. Keep us updated and good luck.

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