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2010 / 2011 Steel Wheel Owners ! Inventory Lug Nuts

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Today's walk around coming off a road trip to Buffalo, NY.


It's happened again...... :ohsnap::detective: One of the replaced lug nuts.

Thank goodness it's the 4th and I'm not going anywhere and / or have other means of transportation, ie bicycle...... :bike:


This is going into the dealer tomorrow..... :gaah:


Watch out and drive safe this 4th


Fred in CT




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And again and again.......had the one above fixed only to have another front driver's side and another front passenger's side lug nut let loose.


This is the scenario of when it happens, you will not see anything debris, etc...... on the road but you will hear a hard hit of something on the underside of the car...... like a rock however in this case, lug nuts.......


Nothing like killing off your customers, this time at 142,000 miles.



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Maybe I'm lucky. I bought some nice alloy wheels shortly after I bought my 2010 in 2014.. including new slim lug nuts.  No problems since.


When you're replacing these lug nuts, are you just using the standard Ford-issued replacements?  If so, why not go with some better aftermarket lug nuts?

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