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2009 Fusion Cabin Filter Retro Fit?

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Does anyone know what cabin filter would fit a 2009 Fusion? I do realize that the 2009s do not come with one, nor do they have a door to open to insert one. 5 minutes with a utility knife and I can now insert one. I went to a couple auto part stores and neither of them had the filter for a 2009 Mazda 6. I was thinking this might fit the best. I took pictures and will post a write-up once I have the right filter. Anyone done this?

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I am pasting the steps and pictures below. My guess is the pictures won't show.



Ok, here are my steps to adding a cabin filter to a 2009 Ford Fusion SEL. My understanding is that cabin filters were not an option on the 2006-2009 Fusions/Milans/MKZ’s. If you know otherwise, please respond. Maybe the MKZs had it.


Anyhow here are the steps with pictures. On a scale of 1 to 5 with 1 being easy and 5 being difficult, this is in the 1 – 1.5 range.

You will need:

- Utility knife

- Duct Tape (you’re excited now, aren’t you…)

- Cabin filter that fits a 2010 Ford Fusion (I purchased the TYC 800144P Ford Fusion Replacement Cabin Air Filter from Amazon for $11.85)


Step 1 - Remove all items from your glove box.


Step 2 – Remove the glove box. You do this by removing the retractable cord from the right hand side. The cord is connected with a plastic clip to a slot/hole on the right-hand side. You move the clip with the cord attached and the clip/cord slide out of the hole


You then squeeze the back top side inward and the glove box will open all the way. You can remove it at this point.


This is very easy to do and you should be able to do it from these instructions. If not there are videos in the forum and elsewhere on the net on how to do this. It should take about 30 seconds.


Step 3 – What you are going to do is use your utility knife and cut out a rectangular plastic piece from the HVAC duct behind the glove box. SCREENSHOT1 shows the area you are going to cut and where the cut will be made (in red). (** Note, I forgot to take a picture of this before I cut out the plastic piece. So I placed it back in there and took this picture. **)






Take the utility knife and cut along the area highlighted in red. This is the toughest part. Use a sharp utility knife. You will have to go over each area about 4 or 5 times before you break through. The toughest part is the awkward angle you have to work at. Note that the plastic is not hard and brittle, it is quite flexible. SCREENSHOT2 shows the piece I cut out and how flexible it is.





SCREENSHOT3, 4 & 5 are pictures with the plastic piece removed.











Step 4 – Insert the cabin filter. SCREENSHOT6 shows it installed.





Step 5 – Put tape on the plastic piece and tape it back over the hole. I laid out two pieces of duct tape about 2 inches longer than my plastic piece. I overlapped them half way the long way. I then placed the plastic piece in the middle both length and widthwise. I trimmed the two short ends so about 3/4 inch of tape was hanging off. The amount of tape hanging on the top and bottom was fine. I then centered it and stuck it in place. See SCREENSHOT7.





Step 8 – Reinstall the glove box and you are done. Note, I have checked on it a couple times and see no signs of the tape coming loose.


I live in the Midwest and it is really warm out. The AC is on all the time blowing quite hard. No issues.


I keep the inside quite clean and have always noticed that my 09 Fusion gets dustier on the dash much quicker than my 09 Edge (that has a cabin filter). I have had this in for about one month, and I have noticed that there is hardly any dust. A coincident, I think not.


I’ll probably replace it once a year. I will take a picture of what it looks like a year from now.</imgsrc="https:>

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Hi evh. :D Thanks for the great write-up and pictures. Will pin this thread so others interested in this modification can find it easier.


Thanks again and good luck. :beerchug:

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Great writeup!


You can save a few bucks ordering the air filter from Rockauto. There are a few different filters available, I went with the cheapest one, which is about the same price as the TYC filter price on Ebay.


ATP Part # CF217, Particulate
Category: Cabin Air Filter



One filter shipped for me would have been $9.95, two for $15.49, three cost me $20.99 shipped. With 5% code (- 60 cents), $20.39.

Don't forget, Rockauto always has a 5% off code...always.

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I started this post at the end of June 2012. I just checked my filter after 10 months. See the picture. Not terribly dirty, but it is definitely catching dirt/dust.



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Installed a FRAM CF11174 Fresh Breeze Cabin Air Filter with Arm & Hammer on my 2009 Ford Fusion SE V6. Cut out the plastic from behind the glove box, duck taped over it, and now the air is fresher. I'm allergic to dust and pollen and notice the difference. Also notice reduced fumes over city highway traffic.

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